Here’s to the New Year– it’s here, at last.

    I don’t know about you, but if you ask me, this year was soooooooo arduous, at times it seemed like a really long and grueling path leading to the top of the hill that never ends.

    But it finally did, and hurray for that!

    Would you ever thought ten years ago, when the date was 2010 that one day we will say it's 2020? This is soooo surreal…

    I am writing this about an hour after midnight, on January 1st. We were gonna meet some friends at the beach who gathered around a campfire in Ryde, where Apple Tower is, but no chance: my dogs are so scared of the fireworks that I respectfully declined the invitation. Even inside, they were so shaken up by all the explosions, it was heartbreaking to see them being terrified. Had to slip them a pill at the end.

    Just think of the MILLIONS of dogs that go berserk at New Year’s Eve fireworks, let alone farm animals and wildlife. A genuinely animal lover nation would certainly never allow fireworks to be put on. Can’t tell you how many times I went out first thing in the morning on New Year’s Day to search for and collect dogs that ran away over night, and were frantically circling around town, and on the motorways.

    I think those who enjoy the firecrackers have never really seen what effect them have on animals. Or they just don’t care.

    I have never fancied fire works, even as a kid – I cannot comprehend why people get a thrill out of something that reminds us of the Gulf War – the first war in history where we could follow the action on live TV.

    Please remind me, when I become President, the very first rule to pass must be to ban all fireworks, and spend the money on animal welfare instead. (Sorry to ramble on, but for us, dog lovers, fireworks will always be an issue at New Year’s Eve, until mankind comes to its senses.)

    Anyway, we hope that you have had a peaceful and relaxing festive season, and you are ready to rock’n-roll in the New Year!

    Life was not design to be easy. It is not about a smooth ride by any means, but let’s pray to the Gods up to have more highs than lows. Stay in the present, live for the moment, and ultimately, make life enjoyable for both yourself and others around, because that’s all that really matters at the end.

    Between stimulus and response, we humans have the unique ability to choose what to do. It is called free will. When dogs get physically abused, they naturally recoil. As humans, we have the willpower to choose our response. If you get bullied, mistreated, if people are horrible to you, if life is unfair, you still have the option to choose to smile and stay calm.

    If you ask me, I think that is one of the greatest abilities of mankind. Splurge on it!

    To our students, customers, friends and supporters, and to all fellow dog lovers, who are injected with a life-long desire to learn and to improve, and especially those going through some hard times at the moment, we want you to remember that you are loved, and that no matter how hard it gets, you’re going to make it, because you are strong as a (pit)bull – and a lot tougher you’d ever thought.

    We are blessed to have a friend to share our joys and sours, and let’s not forget: there are millions of lonely people out there who do not even have a dog or cat to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve…

    We wish that all what you plan today manifest exactly as you imagine it.

    With love,

    The Team of DogTraining4Humans